Aligning Behaviour with Strategy

Mitchell Organisation Consulting is a Geelong-based consulting practice working in regional Australia and in industry sectors such as agribusiness, industrial, building, manufacturing, mining and finance. Our work is based on a set of proven principles about human behaviour and organisations and allows us to make sense of what people in organisations do, and more particularly, aligns their behaviour with business strategy.

The benefit to be gained from having your people truly working in your organisation’s best interests is enormous.  “Engaged employees are more attentive and vigilant; they look out for the needs of their colleagues and the overall enterprise, because they personally ‘own’ the result of their work and that of the organization (Jim Harter, chief scientist at Gallup Research).”

Imagine the experience of being at work and observing your people actively succeeding, rather than creating obstacles. That situation immediately translates into greater productivity, the realisation of business strategies, higher ROI and a workplace in which capability is fully utilised and possibility becomes reality.

This level of engagement requires business leaders to employ a consistent and lucid approach to their organisation based on robust and tested thinking. To that end, our practice uses a body of work called Systems Leadership Theory*, a very coherent theory and effective set of organisational tools. Applying Systems Leadership in an organisation enables leaders to create the conditions where people at all levels can work productively to their potential. It uses sound principles based on a set of six core values about human behaviour that explain and guide what leaders and team members do at work, including the culture they create.

Those principles are used to build models of:

·        effective leadership
·        organisational strategy
·        organisation structure
·        systems that drive productivity
·        desired workplace behaviour

The outcome is that application of these models leads to an organisation more able to achieve its strategic objectives.

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* Systems Leadership has been primarily developed by Dr Ian Macdonald (Brunel University), Professor Catie Burke (University of Southern California) and Karl Stewart (retired; ex-Managing Director Comalco Smelting); it also has a basis in the work of Elliot Jaques.